Week of 9.21.15

Post date: Sep 21, 2015 1:03:39 AM

Weekly Goals Home Learning

- build reading life by choosing a good place to read, treating books as if they were gold, making a goal, talking with partners, finding just right books

- begin brainstorming personal narrative stories by thinking of important people, places, events and emotions in our lives

Monday: read for 20 minutes, log, post-it

Tuesday: read for 20 minutes, log, post-it

Wednesday: NONE-no school

Thursday: read for 20 minutes, log, post-it

Unit 1 Essential Questions


How do readers create reading lives for themselves?

How do readers work to understand the story better?

How do readers tackle more challenging texts?


How do writers anticipate the trajectory of their work across the whole unit?

How do writers write with volume, stamina, and speed?

How do writers become invested in the Writing Workshop?