Reading Support

Arthur example-inflection.png — This example shows how we pay attention to the way an author writes words. In this, the word any is in italics to show how D.W. is making fun of Arthur. Later on the page, the word Africa is in italics to show how Arthur is annoyed at his mother for not knowing what his map was. It is helping us better understand how the characters are feeling.

Dialogue and character feeling post-its — We have been discussing how dialogue can help us understand how the character is feeling. This is an example from Frog and Toad with examples of post-it prompts below that we are working on using in class as well as with homework.

feelings chart.pdf — A chart of different feelings for students to use as they write their feelings post-its.

How to Read Dialogue — In our discussions of fluency, we have been talking about how punctuation, especially with dialogue, can help give us clues to how the character says something as well as to how they are feeling. This is a chart we created to help us remember the feelings often associated with different punctuation marks.

picture — This is a movie of one type of picture walk.